Terms of Service

By using or accessing Bu.lk (The website, which is coming under bu.lk top level domain, with or without WWW.), you agree to follow our Terms shown below.
Last Update: 2015-Dec-24



Our Bulk URL Shortener helps everyone to create a Short URL(Web address) for their Long URLs. The short URL will be starting with http://bu.lk text part. It does not mean that we are liable for the website which is loading after the Short URL. If you meet any short URL which is violating our terms, you should complain us and help to remove it from our clean network.

Do Not Use Our Service To Promote

  • Businesses which promote child pornography, illegal drugs or any other banned product/service.
  • Businesses which spread malware, viruses, or harmful contents.
  • Businesses which support terrorist activities or any other illegal activity.
  • Businesses which show Pornographic materials on landing page.

Buying Business Pages

The buyer is responsible for everything that will be shown on his/her business page. We have rights to remove his business page if it is violating our terms. If the business registration is expired, business owner will have to renew it without any delay.

Buying Customized URLs

Any Customized URL you buy, will be valid for minimum one year. After that, you will have to renew it. Further, we have all rights to remove your Customized URL, if you are violating our terms here.

Buying Advertising Service

Your advertisement must be in English. And it must follow our terms here. Promoting hateful or adults only ads, is completely prohibited. Further, we have all rights to cancel your advertisement, if you are violating our terms here.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is our top priority. We always keep your data safe. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Payment Cancellation

We have 30 days money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with our service, you can have a refund during this time period. Somehow, this term is not acceptable for Advertising service. If you want to cancel any payment related to advertising, you should do it before your ad goes public.

Partnership Program

Registered members can promote Bu.lk and earn a profitable share from each buyer he/she brings to us. If you are working as our partner, you will have to follow the terms below.

  • Do not spam people and force them to visit your promotional URL.
  • Do not post your promotional URL again and again on same web page.
  • Do not post any misleading text with your promotional URL.
  • Do not auto post your promotional URL on social media.

Withdraw Your Commission

We take 7 days to process your commission. After that, you can request us a payout. We always try to transfer your money within 3 days. Somehow, this might take up to 14 days when consider with your payout method. Also Cheques and Cash payouts are only available for Canadian and Sri Lankan citizens. And please note that, Bank Transfers can be unavailable for some countries.


We have full rights to terminate your user account if you violate our terms shown here.

Our Rights

We have rights to change or update our terms of service any time. We will notify our users as soon as possible, if we have made any change here. We have rights to change the renewal charge of our Customized URLs and Business Pages on future, if we faced a critical condition with currency exchange rates. We try to keep Bu.lk up, bug-free, and safe, but you use it at your own risk. Our mission is to help you without any warranty. Also, our partners who work as marketers here, will not be a part of our management or staff. Bu.lk is a private property of Rodee Web Design & Services.